Thursday, 17 November 2011

Purple reign: Cadbury purple ruling is a big relief

I read an interesting story today that Cadbury has won the latest ruling on the pantone 2865c shade of purple.

After a long battle it has finally been confirmed that only Cadbury can use “Cadbury purple” on chocolate bars and drinks (although the UK Intellectual Office is still to decide on the ruling for all chocolate products). Hurrah!

Living close to Bournville myself, I’m delighted about a ruling which goes far beyond the colour of Dairy Milk wrappers. Cadbury might have faced many bigger challenges in recent years but this is a fantastic victory for the team in purple as it fights hard to keep hold of its history and traditions against the backdrop of a huge American shadow.

Whatever Nestle say, pantone 2865 IS Cadbury. From packaging and advertising to street furniture and architecture, it’s an instantly recognisable symbol of a proud Birmingham brand.

And for that reason anybody who has walked past the purple lampposts down Bournville Lane, stood on the purple platforms at Bournville train station or even played football against Cadbury Athletic in their distinctive purple kit, will, like me, breathe a sigh of relief.

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  1. Excellent article, we have a corner shop locally that is still known as the 'Cadburys Shop' due to its Cadbury branding even though it has not been decked out in the famous purple for over 5 years.

    The adjacent alleyway to the shop is also referred to as Cadbury's Alley!

    An amazing example of how powerful a brand can become.