Monday, 5 September 2011

Jobseekers – think before you post!

We're all aware of the dangers of social media from major brands getting it really wrong to celebrities airing their dirty laundry in public (see all the usual suspects for examples). The pitfalls are the same for jobseekers with social media acting as a fantastic research tool and creative outlet but also a minefield of what might give a good or bad impression. After all, almost any reader could be a potential employer. In 2010, The Times reported that half of employers rejected a candidate after checking their Facebook page, proving how important it is to think before you post.

Take an extra 10 seconds to think before you press enter

Stop and think about the impression your post is going to give the reader. It's not a great idea to broadcast personal gripes so never press send if you're feeling frustrated. Even if it's a genuine complaint, come back after an hour and reword your post. This information will potentially stay public for a long time and you never know who you might work for or with in the future. The golden rule is don't post anything you wouldnt want to say to the boss' face!

Keep an eye on what other people are saying

Social media is great for staying aware of the hottest industry topics and helping you make a strong impression in interviews. Twitter is an outlet for finding new vacancies, securing work experience or providing insight into a particular company. Make sure Facebook security settings are turned on so only approved friends can see posts and images - after all, you might not want a potential employer to see some tagged photographs.

Stand out from the crowd

The best thing about social media is that it gives you a voice in a very popular and noisy industry. You can be as creative as you want and this provides a unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd - something you had to do with a single page CV in the past. Showing a genuine enthusiasm for your chosen industry is the most valuable asset in a new employee and what better tool than Twitter to show how well connected and passionate you are? Use sites such as to direct employers to all your fantastic online activity without having to rely on boring attachements. And, use the great work done by others for inspiration - even 'Bieber fever' was born from a single YouTube clip, so think big!


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