Thursday, 28 April 2011

Royal Wedding Fever

Here at Willoughby PR we do love a good wedding and Friday’s nuptials are certainly no exception.

With one day to go, media coverage has reached an all-time high as businesses all over the UK try to come with their own idea that’s fit for a king....and his bride to be. But, forget the official mugs and tea towels, commemorative items from the tasteful to the tacky have been unveiled, in honour of Will and Kate’s big day.

At the top end of the market, hotels have packaged up romantic royal breaks and bars are offering cocktails inspired by the event, but at the bottom (pardon the pun) the gimmicks seem to know no bounds. If you’re feeling a bit flush there’s a loo seat cover featuring the grinning couple, for those wanting to give their own porcelain ‘throne’ a royal makeover.

Whichever of the stately offerings has got you talking, here’s a quick look, in no particular order, at the top 10 campaigns that have caused a titter amongst the Willoughby PR offices.

  1. Crown Carveries

We couldn’t compile a list like this and not kick it off without a mention for one of our clients. The UK’s only regal carvery brand created the first official ‘fork-trait’ of the happy couple, creating a ‘carrot-cature’ using all the ingredients found on one of its princely banquets – a roast with all the trimmings.

  1. Premier Inn

The hotel chain has given guests the chance to wake up as Prince William and Kate Middleton, with its ‘Royal Bed-ding’, by printing images of the couple’s bodies onto a limited selection of duvets at hotels in the capital city.

  1. Travelodge

The hotel chain is offering British couples called ‘William and Kate’ a free honeymoon package this weekend and relive their own honeymoon.

  1. Marston Inns & Taverns

The pub group has unveiled a royal wedding menu featuring dishes such as ‘Seabass Princess’ and ‘Steak Royale’.

  1. Castle Rock Brewery

The Nottingham brewery has brewed a special ale called Kiss Me Kate, which will be available on draught at Castle Rock and many other local pubs for the full month in the run up to the wedding on Friday 29 April.

  1. Pie Minister

Bristol’s PieMinister has launched a limited edition Kate & Wills pie.

  1. Crown Jewels Condoms

This gimmick offers users the opportunity to lie back and think of England, promising to combine the strength of a Prince with the yielding sensitivity of a Princess-to-be to give a royal union of pleasure.

  1. T-Mobile’s Wedding Dance

The phone company created their own version of the royal couple’s nuptials, with lookalikes of Kate, William, Charles and Camilla disco-style dancing down the aisle.

  1. Gymbox

The gym has created an exercise class to get people into shape, with help from the 56th and 57th inline to the throne. The Royal exercise class involves a dance workout to Queen and Prince’s greatest hits followed by a toning session where participants practice the royal wave.

  1. Commemorative Sick Bag

Finally, if you’re not feeling the love for this special day then one of these commemorative sick bags could be just for you. Available in royal blue or postbox red, the sick bags have been designed by British artist Lydia Leith and feature a sketch of the royal couple along with the messages "throne up" and "keep this bag handy on April 29th".

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