Thursday, 28 April 2011

If you can’t stand the heat…

Another week, another test of talent on primetime television comes to an end. But forget X Factor and BGT for now, this is a reality show that produces real stars of their profession. And there’s not a singing dog in sight.

In the battle of the inventive American, the wired Italian and the modest Englishman, Tim came out tops in the final of Masterchef 2011. I can’t say he was my favourite contestant but it was a fitting result for a brave chef who worked miracles with “unexpected food combinations”. So what next for the Wisconsin wonder, who has apparently never found the right job for him…until now?

For me the controversy over the X Factor-style auditions that kicked off this year’s series is irrelevant. This is clearly not Chef Idol or Kitchen Factor; Masterchef gives talented people the platform to turn a hobby into a career, not just five minutes of fame. And you only have to watch Tuesday’s episode for proof.

For anybody who watched the three finalists produce a three course menu with over 50 cooking processes in seven hours at Coworth Park with John Campbell, the talent was clear to see. This was the culinary equivalent of Matt Cardle writing his winner’s song, composing the melody and singing it in an opera style while performing a hip-hop dance routine. It was a genuinely impressive display of skill from three supremely talented individuals.

And whether he cooks, critiques or presents, there is no doubt that Tim will follow the long line of Masterchef winners to pursue a successful career in fine dining.


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