Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Chill offensive launched on the UK’s supermarkets

For years we have been warned of the growing power of ‘super’-markets and their callous ability to shape the UK’s high street, so it was with a small smile that the retail and leisure team at Willoughby PR learnt of the latest initiative from online giant Amazon.

According to Retail Week last week, after hiring Doug Gurr for his experience in developing an online channel for another leading supermarket brand, Amazon is now planning to sell chill foods and is in the process of testing trial delivery routes... a move that is surely going to send a chill up the spine of our superstores.

Whilst Amazon has neither denied nor confirmed the plans, this latest development would see the UK arm mirroring that of its bigger sister in America, which is already selling and delivering chilled food.

Not against the growing supermarket conglomerates, our initial small smile was merely that of a spectator sitting back awaiting the battle to commence; after all everyone likes a spot of healthy rivalry. Amazon already has the muscle, the online presence, the competitive prices and the next day delivery channels, so a move into chilled foods is surely just another tick in the box for them.

It is also a click in the right direction for consumers. More choice will make online shopping even more competitive and drive prices down for purchasers, which can only be a good thing.

Now that the cat appears to have been let out of the bag, we await with bated breath the imminent announcement from the e-tail giant. However if all goes to plan, it would appear that with Amazon you can now have your cake and eat it!


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