Tuesday, 3 January 2012

No hacking required - Rupert Murdoch is on Twitter

Yes, the Billionaire CEO of News Corporation has joined the twitterati, amassing more than 80,000 followers in the process! Considering the humble pie that was served to Murdoch this year during the course of hackgate and with the mogul being a much-maligned public figure in the UK as a consequence, this could be quite an interesting venture! 

So, what does a press veteran say in 140 characters? Well, the majority of tweets so far come littered with slightly awkward punctuation akin only to when your grandmother battles with predictive text, covering culture, politics and day to day antics; already Murdoch is displaying his distaste for the Brits – a feeling no doubt reinforced throughout 2011. 

Many will suspect an agenda behind the old timers move in to social media that is more than just a pensioner’s curiosity, however, whose idea it was I’m not sure. Perhaps the most telling comment so far comes from Murdoch himself with one of his first tweets reading - “I’m getting killed for fooling around on here and friends frightened what I may really say!” 

I’m sure they are. Wife Wendi certainly wasn’t approving! I also can’t help but think of the awkward looks James was giving his old man during the Select Committee interviews back in July – no doubt he now feels like most teenagers do when their parents add them on Facebook.

Image can be a delicate thing, especially in the realm of social media. I’d therefore hazard a guess that News Corp’s PR are also wincing at the thought of the boss tweeting – particularly if we are to see more of the above!

Furthermore, whilst my sympathy for the man could fit in a Japanese thimble, I am also cringing at the thought of the avalanche of abusive tweets that will now be directed straight at the octogenarian - just yesterday the hashtag #Murdochsdeletedtweets was trending (after deleting the above tweet at the request of Wendi). Then again, perhaps right now all concerned are more pre-occupied on the possible attempts to hack his password? Oh, the irony.  

Whilst Twitter could make a mockery of Mr Murdoch, one thing is clear - as Jack Dorsey said, “With his own voice, in his own way, Rupert Murdoch is now on Twitter.” Certainly, as Piers Morgan also commented, “This will be fascinating…”

I wonder if he’ll follow @tom_watson?


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