Tuesday, 1 November 2011

YoooOOOoooTube: Best Halloween Viral Videos

Brands do well to piggy back off national holidays when they come around, and Halloween is no different. With a see and share social web, it's no surprise that each week there's a new viral sensation.

So, it's only fitting that on the back of Halloween we have a look at some of the very best spooky viral videos. Brace yourself for the heebie jeebies, happy viewing.
Even the un-dead benefit from the Axe effect (Lynx to us back in Blighty)
Missing a Phones4U deal will haunt you - for at least 18 months until your contract runs out.
Not a branded video but it kills the better part of 5 minutes.
Our younger blog readers may have never heard of Dirt Devil but I fancy them over a Henry Hoover after this Exorcist remake.
Put down your brew, seriously, it will go everywhere.


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