Friday, 11 June 2010

Fash Pack do Feminism, in an Ann Summers way that is...

Feminism is a dirty word. That’s what Stylist was telling us this week.

Oh whatever, women care about their rights. Whether we pack it up in a pink box and wrap a ribbon around it, or tell women it’s about ‘burning bras’ and ‘hairy legs.’ Most of us will have an opinion on it.

I know that you want to be ‘controversial,’ but this topic has been everywhere – from the page 3 ‘beauties’ in the Sun, to the most hoighty-toighty of broadsheet columnists. It’s been covered enough times to make you think watching Countryfile is fun. Genuinely it’s not. It’s about as fun as Scrapheap challenge. But that’s another blog in itself...

I’m a liberal feminist. Am I defined by this? No - it’s gives my opinions a name. I’ve read my Marxist Feminists, Radical Feminists, Black Feminists... If you want to find out about it, you probably will. But this read more like Usborne’s first book of Feminism.

The patronising level this magazine slowly tiptoed into was truly painful Now speaking really slowly, I ammmm goinggg to expllllainnn what the firrrrst waaave is ...

I agree that rape conviction rates are atrocious, that the pay gap is far too wide – but this title is aimed at professional career-minded commuter ladies, non?

I was so excited about Stylist’s launch that it felt such a missed opportunity. What was interesting is the fact they put 3 ad agencies on the case – most of which wanting to ‘reclaim feminsm’ and bring back its shine.

The most radical of which (not) came up with an idea to produce special t-shirts – because if Lilly Allen and Alexa Chung wear something we’ll immediately copy it. Just give them slogans such as ‘Hello boys. I’m a feminist’ and ‘Feminists get laid more’ (I’m struggling to type these...) and then we’ll love the word again. Plus (I’m presuming) men will love it too. Ha.

It’s less Katherine Hamnett, more Ann-Summers do intelligent - isn’t it?

Stylist I like you. We do need to talk about women’s issues, but I don’t think you gave the ‘normal’ woman enough credit.

Right, that over with, I’m off to buy some dungarees ;)

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