Friday, 12 March 2010

Our top tweeps for you to follow...

Okay, so you've joined Twitter. You've downloaded a suitable desktop app (Hootsuite is our current favourite) and your Twitter dictionary is firmly by your side should the tweeting jargon become a bit too much.

Now what?

Well, essentially, the hardest part lies ahead. Who do you follow? Finding funny, innovative, informative twolks is a heck of a lot harder than tracking down the spammers set to bombard you with sales messages every second until you're forced to log off never to return to Tweetsville again. So what we (@willoughbypr) have attempted to do, is compile a starter list for all new to Twitter made up of who we view as the VITs:
Social Media A-List

@mashable Just as the acting world has Meryl Streep, the social media universe has Pete Cashmore, the scot who forbes simply had to mention in their power list of 2009
@prgeek 'The unofficial poster child of social media.' (@willsturgeon) /// digital consultant at Waggener Edstrom.
@badjournalism perfect source informing you of all the newspaper blunders made that day from sub errors to the very best innuendo headlines
@timesjoanna Journo for The Times and social media extraordinaire who tweets about all that's happening online
@econsultancy London agency offering great advice, reports and blogs on all things social media @wadds Many may know Steve Wadds from Speed Communications, if you want to hear about when his latest blog posts go up, this is the feed to keep an eye on!
@dirktherabbit MD of digital agency Rabbit (sister company to Cow PR) offering out the latest digital scoop
@fernandorizo head of digital media for Ketchum Pleon UK, we heard this guy talk digital at Fort Dunlop and he knows his stuff
@jackschofield Computer editor of the Guardian, anyone looking to be a techie, or at least hear the latest goss from one – just log on to his page
@jangles Another notorious blogger Neville Hobson branching out into the Twittersphere talking about which brands are doing PR right and which aren’t doing quite so well
@drewb MD of 33 Digital, another pro who knows his stuff offering unmissable tweets

Local stuff for Brummies

@brumtwestival You've become obsessed by Twitter and want to meet others in need of help, if only there was a local event on hand to offer a solution - well here it is...
@brumhippodrome Keep updated on all shows and offers going on in the city centre theatre @birminghampost Miss your fix now they're weekly? Get updates as they happen by giving them a follow
@alunthorne Current editor of above publication, with entertaining opinions that make great updates
@marcreeves Ex-editor of the post and current editor of
@thebusinessdesk offering newsworthy tweets
@kellyfused/@jaynehowarth/ @sdj19 Birmingham media gurus offering their opinions on all things news
@birminghammail Offering the latest headlines for Birmingham and beyond
@stylebirmingham keeping you up to date on all the latest Midlands trends
@edjames1 Brummie land’s biggest DJ personality keeping you up to date on all that’s happening in the city

For Fun

@stephenfry How can we not mention the man who single-handedly brought Twitter into the limelight a few years back? You can't not follow him...
@mrsstephenfry Donning a black wig, Mr Fry silences his twitter critics with this hilarious alter-ego
@duckorange You need a giggle (Twitter can be fun) and this guy's worth a follow for his angry photos alone!
@johnprescott do we need a reason other than it’s Mr Prescott himself?!

We could go on, but must stop there – however we follow over 400 Tweeters all of whom offer brilliant tweets everyday that ensure we can’t stop checking out iPhone every two seconds! So here’s a few to start with, get following and involved with all that’s happening in the Twittesphere – you’ll be addicted before you know it…


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