Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Will This Buzz Make It To Infinity and Beyond?

So, Google Buzz has been launched. I want to be excited and maybe I am (a bit) but I can't help but feel it came to the party rather late - and its party trick? Well, doing everyone else’s, it seems. It doesn't talk to Facebook and has a rather complex one way conversation thing going on with Twitter.

In fact, the whole thing strikes me as over-complicated. Twitter - tell the world what you are doing in 140 character. Buzz? It's rather more tricky to explain (though Wadds has done a good job in his ever brilliant blog).

Call me a party pooper but I’m not sure (yet). Yes, there are 175m Gmail accounts but Facebook makes that look like poor pickings. And I’m not sure we’re bored of Tweeting – yet.
So, will this Buzz make it to infinity and beyond? You know, I’m just not sure. If anyone can do it Google can. It’s number game and the coming weeks will be very interesting ones for Team Buzz.


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