Friday, 29 January 2010

The Inconvenient Truth About PR

Thursday is generally a good day. With the office buzzing and plenty of things to tackle before you can scramble out of the door, it’s a pretty good feeling.

But yesterday morning we were awoken with the news that there was something dirty, lurking under the surface. They called it “An Inconvenient PR Truth,” we called it a bit of a downer.

Now ever since Kevin Braddock ( posted a list of PR’s names on his blogroll in a “name and shame” naughty step kind of way, the age old PR-Journo relations debate has taken centre stage.

Say what you will about ‘Our Kev’ (misguided would be my lexical choice,) but he did have a point. Yes. Targeting of journalists could be better, reading their publications? Undeniably a good call. But let’s face it, people make mistakes and I think a bit of PR-PR support would be good here.

I appreciate this new campaign is to ‘benefit’ the PR industry, but I worry it’s just worsening our reputation. How many times have journalists made mistakes on your copy, caption information or called you incessantly about competitions? It’s just how it works, and you accept it. There are some amazing journalists out there and some fantastic PRs and sometimes a follow up call here and there is exactly what is needed to make sure you both get the most out of that relationship.

Let’s not forget how great it can be to work in PR and how much fun it can be when you have a great client story in your mitts. One that even ‘Our Kev’ might want to shout about.

Now then, let’s all be friends and go to the pub.