Tuesday, 17 November 2009

It’s the Sun wot spun it

Apologies to my fan (sorry Mum) for not blogging over the last few days. I’ve been out of the office with no access to a computer which meant that I was unable to do a quick update on The Sun’s treatment of Gordon Brown (see Real Callousness – Wednesday 11th November). Anyway, towards the end of the blog I mentioned that we could expect the Sun to try and make amends for its mauling of Gordon with a gushing piece on Sarah over the next few weeks.

And lo and behold Friday’s paper had this news story (I use the term news in its loosest sense) complete with a review of Sarah’s wardrobe by the editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. Members of the public relations profession will recognise the happy confluence of the Sun’s need for a positive Brown story (“look we’re not that bad, we’ve been terribly nice to his wife”) and some excellent work on the part of Sarah Brown’s PR people.

However, I suspect this story was not a difficult sell. Sarah Brown, formerly of Brunswick, is very well connected in the London media world. For the Sun this will have been like giving an old friend a pat on the back.


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