Monday, 15 June 2009

Brands and correct Twitter etiquette

As Twitter becomes more popular, brands and businesses are facing a dilemma – do they want to face their fears and welcome feedback from across the world or miss the Twitter boat altogether?

On one hand, it screams brand confidence if you open yourself up to support and criticism. It also ticks the box for really connecting with consumers through both visibility and honesty. There is one problem though – some companies have already been too slow off the mark, meaning that certain clever individuals have already claimed their name as their own. This could mean domain type purchases in the future or perhaps more devious plans. Either way, it would have perhaps been savvier of huge names like Disney to reserve their Twitter name, whether or not they were ready to get on board. It’s quick and easy to check if a brand name is available and there’s no excuse not to sign up for the sake of protecting what is being said about the brand you represent.

When a company (or its associated PR) has decided to delve into the world of Twitter, there’s one top tip which can’t be ignored – stay personal. This is the key to the success of Twitter and being just because you are a brand or company does not make you any different! Ask people’s opinions and encourage their input as well as offloading all your lovely PR headlines. Making sure just one or two people contribute to tweeting also means you will develop a recognisable voice and lend authenticity to your comments – followers want to track people not faceless companies.

There are many examples of how Twitter has been a huge success for companies, especially when it comes to customer care. Comcast, a cable provider in America is probably the most well known clocking up 22,000 customer care tweets by January 09. Computer Company Dell seems to be having a similarly positive response, answering any customer queries or complaints instantly without the need to suffer telephone hold music. The message is that it is possible to have a great response from consumers on Twitter; you just need to stick to its guiding principles and remember that in the social networking universe, who you are and what you’ve got to say is just as important as the next person.


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