Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Goodbye BBC Good Homes

When the news last week that BBC Good Homes is to close after its July issue reached us, I have to say I was truly shocked and saddened.

Established some 11 years ago now, BBC Good Homes has consistantly been in the top five home interest magazines, at least in our clients' eyes, but due to falling circulation (although I don't consider 95,000 particularly low) and reduced advertising revenue it will cease to publish from next month.

Covering everything from abuyer guides to ask the experts and monthly room inspiration, I always felt that this title had it all for the homeowner needing some reliable advice and information on the latest products out there. Add to this the support lended by the 'BBC' brand, and it was one of a few titles that I would actually buy for myself as a consumer.

The shock of hearing the news really was a wake up call. Depsite hearing about how the credit crunch is affecting all areas of our lives, there are some things you expect to remain constant, but with the struggle to keep advertisers on board and keep consumers interested in their favourite magazines, rather than relying on the internet, I'm afraid to say that BBC Good Homes may not be the only casualty for the homes and lifestyle sector.

There will certainly be more competition between brands, and the PR agencies, to gain that all-important editorial space, but it highlights just how important it is for us to understand and embrace the digital age more and more. Magazine webpages, social networking sites and Twitter are all buzz words flying around right now, but it seems that these tools will become just as crucial to PR campaigns as press releases, but I for one will always enjoy the feeling of opening a crisp, new magazine and curling up with a cup of tea to enjoy.

Farewell BBC Good Homes, and hope to see the editorial team very soon.


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