Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Britain Reaches Boyle-ing Point

I shouldn't admit to this but the stress of watching Susan Boyle on Sunday night nearly sent me into early labour. Would the pressure get to her? Was she a one hit wonder? Would she have had new pearly white Cowell inspired teeth or hair extensions or worse, been Gokked to the max?

Relief all round when I realised that, despite having the eyes of the world on her, Susan Boyle is still Susan Boyle - slighlty barking with an incredible pair of lungs.

It's an interesting PR brief for DADA. What Susan really wants is less - not more. Having Piers Morgan declare that if she doesn't win - he is a donut, will not help her case. We Brits like to back the underdog.

The media are already on the turn. Heat is asking if the right acts are getting through, The Sun is reporting that her warbling is keeping hotel guests awake until gone 2am and the press in general questioned her make-over - before they had even seen the results.

Lie low Boyle. Stay natural - even if that means frizzy and bushy. We fell in love with imperfection and long may that love affair continue.

In the words of CLifford, "This is more about protection than promotion." Couldn't agree more. It would be a crying shame if Britain reaches Boyle-ing point before BGT draws to a close and Cowell goes in search of the X Factor once more.


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